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A Note From The Dyer...

For me, the creative process is spontaneous and often inspired in the moment, but at the same time reflects years of experience and thoughtful considerations.  With the end product in mind, I consider color, design, and the other creative involved—you!
Experience has taught me that short stretches of color tend to knit up in a more predictable/uniform pattern, so unless you're purchasing one of my gradient yarns, you can expect shorter color transitions to help you avoid blatant color pooling in your knitted fabric.  I strive to create colorways that are cohesive, to make picking colors and creating sets super simple. My goal in dyeing is to produce something that is not only beautiful in the hank, but will be a pleasure to work with and knit up beautifully, no matter the project, every time.  Hand-dyed yarn may begin in my hands, but it doesn't end there; the wool is my canvas, and then becomes your color palette, waiting to be transformed into something new—something beautiful, created by you!      
I want you to shop with confidence, knowing that when I dyed your yarn, I had YOU in mind.

Happy creating!

*Need help choosing colors?---CLICK HERE for some color inspiration and our favorite tips and tricks for creating fabulous color sets for any project!  Just want to chat color theory or knitting?---Feel free to reach out to richelle@thewoolpalette.com