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Wash / Care of Your Yarn

Colorfastness:  All yarn is washed/rinsed after the dyeing process to remove excess dye, but occasionally slight bleeding still occurs.  We recommend never pairing hand-dyed yarn (especially rich/saturated colors) with white or very light colored yarn when knitting, UNLESS YOU FIRST DO A TEST SWATCH to ensure there will be no color transfer. 

Acid Dyes:  To properly bind the dyes to the wool fibers, an acid (such as vinegar) must be used.  This process can leave a slight acid/vinegar smell, noticeable mostly when the yarn is wet.  This will wear off over time, especially with subsequent washings.

Washing Recommendations:  Superwash wool has been treated to reduce the likelihood of shrinking and felting.  All superwash merino wool is considered "machine washable", but as with any delicate garment it is recommended to hand wash or use the delicate cycle to extend the life of your piece.  Before beginning your project, we recommend knitting and washing a test swatch.